Canadian Resources

The following resources have been compiled for use by Canadian churches and individuals advocating or caring for the fatherless. Although they might not contain strictly Canadian content, they have been deemed as being applicable to use in Canada by Canadians in ministry (with little adaptation required). 

Devotions and Studies
ABBA Father Daily Devotional Guide Celebrating the Hope of Family
Father to the Fatherless - Psalm 10
Free as Sons - Galatians
God's Heart for the Orphan
The Heart of God - 2
RED LETTERS: We are the Good Samaritan 
Where Do We Go From Here?
Zambia's Gift to the World Discussion and Prayer Guide
Created to Connect - A Christian's Guide to The Connected Child
Caring for Orphans and Vulnerably Children Study
All In Orphan Care - Small Group Study
Too Small to Ignore: Why the Least of These Matters Most with Study and Discussion Guide
Too Small to Ignore - Individual In-Depth Study Guide
Too Small to Ignore - Group In-Depth Study Guide
Journeys of Faith - Caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Prayer Guides
Orphan Sunday Prayer
Prayer Card - Bulletin Insert Formatted
40 Day Prayer Guide for Orphan Care
Join us in Praying
Freedom Prayer
5 Things to Pray for Your Child’s Birth Parents

Sunday Service Elements

Bulletin Inserts

Introducing Orphan Sunday

Basic bulletin insert introducing Orphan Sunday with simple suggestions on how anyone can engage

Response Card Template

Click HERE to access an editable response card template to give your audience the chance to consider and commit on paper their response to the Orphan Sunday call

Sermon Outlines

3-Part Orphan Sermon Series

Three sermon outlines for Orphan Sunday services.

Gods Gift of Adoption - Jason Cornwell

A sermon exploring adoption - both God's adoption of us and the ministry ofearthly adoption from Together for Adoption.

I Will Not Leave You as Orphans – Ben Wikner

A sermon outline on from Covenant Life Church

Our Adoption Journey - Rev. Brandon Dasinger

A brief sermon outline for Orphan Sunday

The Cosmic Significance of Adoption: What It Means for Us and for Orphans - Dan Cruver

A sermon outline looking at adoption from Together For Adoption

The Prodigal’s Suspicion and the Global Orphan Crisis - Dan Cruver

A sermon outline from Together for Adoption. There are a number of challenges within the evangelical church that would begreatly helped if our churches recovered afresh the beautiful truth of our adoption in Christ. !Here are two of those challenges. !The first relates to the Christian’s own state of mind andheart; the second relates to the church's calling to care for orphans (James 1:27). And let mejust state on the front end that both of these challenges are connected to each other as weshall see.

The Biblibcal Foundation for Caring for Orphans

A service and sermon outline for Orphan Sunday. What reasons are given in the Bible for Chritstians to take an interest in the plight of orphans and vulnerable children.

Orphan Sunday Service Outline Sermon outline on the situation in Canada and abroad and how we can engage for vulnerable children by partnering with existing ministries. Accompanying Powerpoint Presentation

God Uses the Ordinary for Extraordinatry

Service and Sermon Outline looking at how God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things for vulnerable children. Accompanying powerpoint presentation

More than a Noble Caus

Service and Sermon Outline for why engaging for vulnerable children is more than a great idea and a good cause Accompanying powerpoint presentation

Who is our Father God and what does that mean for us?

Sermon Outline drawing from the material of Jason Johnson on who God the father is and what that means for us as his children. Accompanying Powerpoint Presentation

Scripture List

Scriptural References for the Orphan and Fatherless

A list of scriptural references from the New and Old Testaments referring to orphans and fatherless children.

Faith to Action Scripture Compilation

Visit the Faith to Action webpage for a list of scriptures relating to orphans and vulnerable children.

Sunday School Lessons

Orphan Simulation-“Orphanage Life”

A 45 minute experiential learning experience to help children “enter into” what life is like for orphaned children that live in institutions by comparing orphanage life with their own. Children who have done this simulation are better equipped to know how to pray for orphans.

OS Examples

Online Podcasts and Messages has a list of resources, videos and podcasts on the topic of Orphans and Widows and Adoption


HOME - an Orphan Sunday/Stand Sunday Song

HOME" was written and performed by Harper Still (Jamie Grace & Morgan Harper Nichols). Commissioned for Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday. Watch it HERE on YouTube


How the Christmas Story is an Adoption Story

A wonderful, short, 2-page piece that succinctly paints how the story of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus is a beautiful picture of adoption. Find it HERE

Adoption - The Heart of the Easter Story

David Platt's Easter Sunday message from a few years back Watch/Listen HERE And the accompanying brief 1 page message notes that highlights how Adoption is the heart of the Easter story.

Practical Suggestions
10 Ways Every Christian Can Care for the Orphan and Waiting Child
12 Ways Ordinary People Can Love Orphans
Christian Alliance for Orphans White Paper on Understanding Orphan Statistics
Everyone Can Do Something! Building a Foundational Culture of Orphan Care In Your Church
25 Ideas for Orphan Sunday 
Everyone Can Do Something - A Field Guide For Strategically Rallying Your Church Around the Orphaned and Vulnerable
10 Ways to Start Serving The Orphan Today for Students and Youth
25 Ways to Bless Orphans and Vulnerable Children This Christmas
Planning a Bridge Event After Orphan Sunday

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